About Hanssy
  HANSSY SHIPPING> Hanssy and OXL enter into a joint venture cooperation.

Both companies are pleased to be able to offer their services jointly to the customers in order to optimize the vessels intake and provide their clients with more tonnage and frequency in the geographical areas.

This East- West alliance of the heavy lift carriers have a combined fleet of about 25 Heavy lift/MPP vessels and several mpp/ general cargo vessels. The HL/ MPP fleet is ranging from 5000 dwat up to 20.000 and geared up to 800 TS.
Full specs for the fleet, will be online soon.

Our tailor made parcel trades and ships remain at your service.

We are pleased to be able to offer you joint forces and look forward to developing the business, our network and cost efficiency, together with our valued customers and partners.

First joint sailing will be performed by mv Han Hui – loading Hamburg to Far East.

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